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Who’s the Clever Girl?

I’ve been photographing professionally since cameras only came with this strange little roll of stuff called film.  I photographed my first wedding in 1998, and went pretty much full-tilt through the 2000′s capturing literally hundreds of gorgeous days for fun, relaxed and unique couples. Some have even become personal friends, and regularly invite me back to photograph their growing families, which is something that thrills me no end.  In 2008 my first daughter Finlay was born, and her little sister Lila two years later.  So I stopped to smell the roses for a while.  To spend some weekends with my family, doing fun stuff and enjoying my munchkins before they get to that pissy ‘tween’ stage where they no longer want to be seen in the same vicinity as me.  We took a sea-change from Melbourne to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. 

The majority of the photography work I now do is along commercial and editorial lines, shooting for lifestyle blogs and magazines, corporate small businesses, and interiors, food, & homewares clients -if you are interested, you can view that work at www.lisaatkinson.com.au.  I am even very excitedly working on my first coffee table book which will be released in early 2018.

That being the case, I do still love a good wedding, and although I don’t actively advertise as such, if a gorgeous couple happen to come my way and we share a similar philosophy to how I approach a wedding I am more than happy to share the day with you and your loved ones.

Although I am based on the Peninsula, and believe it is the most stunning place in the world to stage a wedding, I am more than happy to travel back up the highway for Melbournians too!

In my ‘off season’ I also do editorial-style interiors, corporate and commercial lifestyle photography -

On a completely unrelated note, I am a Sagittarian which means I love to travel, and it’s super important for me to ‘keep it real’ in both my personal and professional lives.  I have a weakness for Nutella.    If you’re putting together a music trivia team, I’m the girl you want to have on it – especially if it’s to do with the 80′s.  I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts while I am in the car or taking our Golden Retriever Daisy to the park.  I married a bloke with an American accent – as a result my daughters speak with Americanisms (I am known around the house as ‘Mommy’) and I occasionally let the odd one slip too…

Now I look forward to finding out all about YOU!  Drop me a line won’t you?