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Wedding FAQs

Q. What are the duration of your packages, and what aspects of the wedding day do they cover?

A. My 2-3 hour package generally starts just prior to the ceremony, covers the ceremony itself, mingling with your guests immediately after, a group shot if you like, family photos, and “Informals”.

My 3-5 hour package generally starts at the bride’s place about 1/2 an hour before she’s due to leave for the ceremony, the ceremony itself, mingling, group shot, family photos, “Informals”, and about the first hour of the reception.  This is my most popular length of time.

For 5 hours +,  you tell me when you want me to start, when you want me to finish, and I get everything in between.

Q. What if I book you for a particular length of time and decide on the day we want you to stick around a bit longer?

A. No problem, I don’t double book myself so it’s not like I’m going to have another wedding to rush off to.  I’ll stay as long as you need me to.  For pricing we would either just upgrade to the next time ‘block’ or add on an extra hourly rate, whichever is most appropriate. (You can pay me later)

Q.  I have a date but not sure about timings yet, or how long I will need you for?

A. No dramas.  Once you book me for a date, and pay a deposit, you’re locked in.  We can fine tune it all closer to the day.

Q. What are “Informals”?

A. Traditionally the portraits of the bride and groom and bridal party are called “Formals”… I hate this word, makes everything sound so posed and stuffy, so I call them “Informals”.  Informals by name, Informals by nature.  (Still beautiful though!)

Q.  We have a very tight time frame between the ceremony and reception, what are our options for “Informals”?

A. Depending on how tight the time is, and if you’re happy to stay reasonably close to the location of the ceremony / reception, I can generally work pretty quickly to get you a great selection of beautiful images.  Alternatively if you’re not fazed about seeing your partner before the ceremony, I have, on more than one occasion, done the “informal” sessions pre-ceremony with great results.

Q.  How does your pricing structure work?

A. I base my pricing on blocks of time, with inclusions for each one such as high resolution digital files,  a selection of 6×4 prints in a beautiful (not-cheesy) presentation box.  I used to offer a ‘digital only’ option, but as the years go by I am a believer in also having something a bit more tangible than a few hundred digital files on a little USB stick. I also include a very cool mobile app that you can download to your smartphone or iPad to share a selection of your images on the go with family and friends, and as an additional option, offer beautiful Moleskine photo books in different sizes as a nice little addition to your coffee table, and a beautiful alternative to a big, traditional wedding album.  Please contact me for a detailed list of my packages and prices.

Q. I love your work, and would love you to photograph my day but you’re out of our budget range.

A. Weddings are expensive, trust me I’ve been there myself,  and I get it.  I’m generally not into discounting, as I don’t want to de-value what I do, and what my time and experience, and artistic merit is worth.   If you love my work, at the end of the day, more than any of your other wedding expenses, your emotional investment in your wedding photographs will only continue to appreciate over the years.

Q.  How long have you been photographing weddings?

A. I shot my first wedding in 1998.  It was terrifying, and back in the day when you had to drop your rolls of film off a the lab and wait patiently to get the proofs back.  But it all worked out OK, and I haven’t looked back.  I’ve been incredibly lucky that I have genuinely loved working with every single couple who have done me the honour of sharing their day with me.  And I’m not just saying that to be schmaltzy, it’s absolutely true.

A. Do you work with a second shooter, or assistant?

Q. 99% of the time no.  The 1% of the time that I have, I find myself trying to find things for them to do.  Unless I have to be in two places at once, I find that I can cover everything that I need to cover, and carry everything that I need to carry all by myself.

Q. Do you travel outside of Melbourne / Mornington Peninsula for a wedding?

A. Yes, definitely for regional areas within about a 2-hour drive from my base in Mt Eliza.  For regional areas beyond that, or interstate weddings I am happy to travel, but there will be additional travel expenses involved.

Q. How long after my wedding do I need to wait to see my images?

A.  I generally aim to have your images ready to view within 2-3 weeks, or by the time you return from your honeymoon.

Q. How many  digital images do I get?

A.  It generally depends on how long I stay for.  Depending on the duration the final cut is usually between 200 and 600 images which have all been contrast and colour corrected.  You receive these in both colour and B&W.

Q. I have a Photo Shot List that I pulled out of Cosmo Bride.  Will you work off that for me?

A. I have been shooting weddings for a long time, and 90% of what is on those magazine shot lists are things that I would automatically / instinctively shoot anyway.  Details, important key moments, all of those things go without saying… the other 10% is stuff that’s a little cheesy and posed and not really my style.

Q.  I have created a Pinterest board of all my favourite wedding photos from other photographers, will you shoot those for me?

A. I love Pinterest.  Oh, how I love Pinterest!  If you want to see how much I love Pinterest you can follow me here.  I’m happy to look at your pinterest boards to see what insprires you, and the type of look that you want to achieve, but please understand that I have my own style, which is quite spontaneous, natural, and  photojournalistic, and not an imitation of what other photographers are doing.  Wedding photography at the moment is very trend-driven and quirky.  I love a bit of ‘quirk’ but think you will look back at your photos in 5 or 10 or 20 years and your kids will say “Mum, how come you and Dad were standing side by side holding flowers up in front of your face?”.  I want your images to be timeless and transcend the trends.

Q. My uncle / cousin / family friend has a digital SLR.  Why should I pay you to photograph my wedding, when they’re offering to do it for free?

A. “A camera does not a photographer make.”  That’s all I’m going to say… Actually no, that’s not all I’m going to say.  I just want to say that even if you don’t pay me, please pay another professional photographer who actually knows what they’re doing to take your wedding photos.  Do you really want to risk your wedding photos – the things that last after everthing else in this ‘cant repeat’ day is a distant memory – to an amateur with a $1000 camera?

Q. OK, so I’ll pay you to photograph my day… Can my uncle / cousin / family friend with a digital SLR take some photos too, and maybe ask you some questions?

A.  I can’t stop another photographer taking photos on the day.  All I ask is that you explain to them, and they respect the fact that you have chosen me to be the “official” photographer and you are paying me a decent amount of money to do so.  If they introduce themselves to me at the start and say “Hi, I’m the bride’s uncle / cousin / family friend, and I’ll be taking some photos but I promise to stay out of your way and let you do your job” that’s super cool.  If they don’t bother acknowledging me, and then they sit behind my shoulder during the ceremony with their paparazzi flash going off, or jump infront of me just as you’re going for the “You may kiss the bride” kiss, I’m going to be really bloody cranky.  And you should be too…

Q.  Wow, you’re quite brutally honest, that’s refreshing!

A. Well thank you.  I’d rather be upfront now about who I am and what I do than misrepresent myself and have you disappointed that you booked me.

Q. Wow, you’re brutally honest, I don’t know if I like that…

A. That’s OK.  It’s a big wide world, there are lots of lovely, talented photographers out there, and it’s important that you find one that you click with.  I genuinely wish you well in your search, and thank you for reading down this far.

Q. Where can I see more of your work?

A. You can go to my blog, which is right on this site – click the link here.

Q. OK, I’m sold! So where do we go from here?

A.  Yippee!  Head on over to my contact page, and drop me a line.   Let me know as many details as you have about your wedding, I’ll check my availability, and we can take it from there.   If I am available I usually arrange a meeting, or a phone or skype call, and I’ll send you a copy of my booking form.  Once I have that back all signed and dated, along with your $550 non-refundable retainer for the day, consider yourself locked in!  From there I am available for any questions you may have along the way leading up to your day, and then about a week before I’ll touch base with you again, make sure we’re all on the same page in terms of times, places etc, and organise your final payment.   I don’t necessarily need to attend your rehearsal if you’re having one, but am more than happy to if you wish, or I can even just meet you at the venue at another time to walk through things.