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Portrait FAQs

Q. Tell me about your photographic style?

A. If I could sum my portraiture style up in a few words it would be fun, natural, relaxed, spontaneous, photojournalistic.

Q. Can I get some nice shots of us all looking happy for the camera as well as candid images?

A.  Absolutely.  Just because I generally like to capture the action, doesn’t mean we can’t slow things down for some nice happy family shots too.  For the most part this is your shoot.  You’ve hired me, I’m assuming, because you like my style, but as with my wedding work, I understand that it’s important to get a few “looking at the camera” shots too.

Q. What do we wear?

A.  It’s really up to you.  I want you to be completely comfortable, so that extends to what you wear as well.  Maybe not “tracky pants” comfortable, but be yourself, try to keep it simple, not too matchy-matchy.  If your son refuses to get out of his Spiderman outfit, or your daughter wants to be a fairy, I’m more than happy with that!  If you want something a little more ‘smart casual too, thats also fine, as long as you’re feeling happy within yourself, and not trying to be someone  you’re not.  The more relaxed you all feel, the more it will shine through in your images.

Q. I’m a new mum and not really feeling my most attractive at the moment, do I have to be in the shots too?

A. At the risk of sounding cheesy, a mummy with her bubba is far more beautiful than whether or not you can fit back into your skinny jeans yet.  I think you will regret not being a part of these shots, and I promise that you will look more gorgeous than you know.  I’ll shoot from certain flattering angles, and keep most of the focus on your happy faces.

Q. Do you use Photoshop?

A. Minimally.  I use it to enhance the colour / contrast of a photograph to make it really pop and look gorgeous.  Remember, my style is all about capturing ‘real life’ so I’m not really into using Photoshop to manipulate things to be what they’re not.  Of course if you’ve got a big zit on your chin I’m happy to give it a quick zap!

Q. Do you work from a studio?

A. No.  I come to you – either your home or convenient location like a park or beach.  Even in winter, getting rugged up and being out in nature can result in some stunning photographs.

Q. Do you do maternity shots?

A.  I most certainly do, but I try to stay away from the ‘gazing lovingly at your belly’ type of shot, and make it a little more fun.

Q.  You mentioned photojournalism earlier, what is that in the context of my portrait shoot?

A.  It’s a bit of a snapshot (literally and figuratively) of your day to day life.  For example, my family and I love making pancakes in our PJs on a Sunday morning, then going to the market to get our fresh food for the week.  So if this was your family, I would take a documentary ‘fly on the wall’ style look at you all doing these activities – whisking the pancake mix, sticky maple syrup fingers, going to the market, chatting to the market vendors, sniffing the fresh fruit and veg, picking out a bunch of flowers.

If you have a young baby you may have a little bedtime ritual of bath, popping on their PJs, reading a night-time story, and placing them in their cot with a little kiss on the forehead.  Those are the precious moments that I would capture.

Q.  We don’t have any little family rituals, what else can we do?

A. Once you book me in, I will send you a little questionnaire to give you some ideas of things that you might like to do, and you never know, you might just discover a new little ritual that you all love to do together.

Q. What’s your definition of a family?

A.  A collection of souls who love each other.  Single parent, older kids, no kids, same-sex parents, mixed family, pets… I give each and every family an equal amount of my time, energy and creativity.

Q.  My little one has woken up in a funk  the morning of our planned shoot – can we reschedule?

A.  I would prefer not too, but it depends on how much of a funk it is.  If it is a deep rooted, I WILL NOT CO-OPERATE kind of funk that can’t be bribed its way out of, it might be best to reschedule.  If it’s just a little case of the grumps, I usually find that the child in question perks up when they see other family members doing fun stuff, and they join in too.  The thing with kids is that sometimes the more you dictate what you want them to do, the more they dig their heels in.  So give them some space, I’ll start slowly and give them a chance to warm to me, and usually all they need is to see their image in the back of my camera to start coming to life.  If we do the shoot and it’s REALLY not happening and I’m not happy with the images that I have, we will reschedule without an additional shoot fee.

Q.  How much is this going to cost me?

A.  You can check out my pricing page for a run down on how I structure my pricing, and contact me for more specifics.