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Did anyone else see the episode of Modern Family, surprisingly enough titled “Family Portrait” where they all dressed in pristine white outfits, only to have their family portrait shoot turn into a massive mud fight full of fun and laughter, which ended up being a such a true expression of who they really were as a family?

That’s what I aim to achieve every time a do a portrait shoot.   Because smiling matchy-matchy photos are nice, but they’re not real life.  And real life is awesome!  I know my family doesn’t look like they’ve stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad campaign.  If yours does, that’s cool (and please let me know your secret!) but for most of us it’s just not going to happen.  So how about we embrace the spontaneity, laugh at the little things, don’t get hung up on things not being ‘perfect’?  You, your children, even your animals – every single one of us is a unique spirit, so let’s capture that!  That’s why I love ‘celebrating every day’ – babies grow up too fast, time slips through our fingers, and we need to capture those real memories – the good, the bad, and the messy!  The days may sometimes be long, but the years are just too short.

Before arriving for a portrait shoot I’ll get you to fill out a little questionnaire, to help me to understand what makes each of you tick, to give you some suggestions on fun things that we can do, to get your ideas on your perfect few hours together as a family, and to help get the best shots on the day that we possibly can.  Children, especially younger children can be a bit unpredictable, so we go with the flow.  Having two little munchkins of my own, I’ve become pretty good at negotiating with tiny terrorists, and I promise it’ll all be OK in the end.

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