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Each year I gather my girls together to capture them just being themselves, and to immortalise their (mostly) beautiful sisterly bond.  This year was all about bath time….Enjoy! (Oh, and Happy New Year…)


Brown Paper Packages…


Today I opened a beautiful little package that arrived on my doorstep, to find these stunning new sample books that I ordered from Moleskine.  Coming in gorgeously simple packaging, with all the beautiful, quality details you would expect from Moleskine including thick ivory paper, elastic closures, a pocket at the back, and black leather cover, these books are the perfect way to showcase your images.  I love them to bits!


Kinder & PreSchool Photography

Who’s a Clever Girl Kinder Photography

A little mini-slideshow to showcase some of the photography work I have done in Kinders and Pre-Schools.  If you know of a kinder or childcare centre in the Melbourne area that needs a photographer please share this link, or contact me to get in touch with the relevant person.  Ordering is done online with secure payment via paypal, and 10% of the total sales goes back to the school.  Win / Win!!


Isobel & Olivia – Sweet Sisters

Super sweet little sisters Isobel and Olivia belong to Sonia & Mark, who’s gorgeous wedding a few years back (complete with red wedding dress) stays in my mind as one of my favourites.  Despite some of the usual territorial issues that can happen when a new sibling arrives, Isobel was doing a great job of welcoming little sister Olivia into the family.


Suzie & Jon – A little Rock n Roll, a whole lot of Soul!

It’s no secret I much prefer a fun, quirky wedding, over an elegant but boring affair.  And as the wedding season swings into gear once again, I’d love to share one of my favourites from last year.  Suzie & Jon were married amongst a small group of family and friends at Brownkortes up Research way, and their own personal style shone through in the most beautiful way.  A bit of a 60′s vibe, a groovy celebrant, and a whole lot of soulful music kept everyone dancing the night away.  These guys managed to pull of elegant in a “so-not-boring” way and I just loved being a part of it!