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Louise & Rich – Stunning Simplicity

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Louise and I go way back.  Sometime in the late 90′s / early 2000′s we were working together at a trendy furniture showroom, puffing up sofa cushions and dreaming of being elsewhere… Over the years we lost touch, as you do in a pre-social media era, and wouldn’t you know it, we managed to find each other again mid-way through last year, through good old Facebook.  We caught up for coffee and chatted about all that had happened in life… relationships, children, work, paths taken, “I wonder what happened to so and so…” – it was just like old times!  So of course I was thrilled to be asked to photograph her wedding to the gorgeous Rich!   Despite a last minute black eye Rich happened to receive on the job (as an AFL club boxing trainer – occupational hazard!) which he very masculinely agreed to cover up with a bit of make-up (and a touch of photoshop on my end) they tied the knot at the stunning Shadowfax winery at Werribee Mansion.  Shirking from tradition, they had no issues with having their photos together pre-ceremony,  as they got ready in their room at the Mansion Hotel.  Also factored into the relationship, and ‘new family unit’ was Louise’s beautiful daughter Mia.  Mia’s speech at the reception showed such an amazing level of maturity beyond her years, and acceptance and love of her new father figure.. touching, humorous, and heartfelt…. she perfectly summed up the happiness of the day.  Mwah Lou & Rich!


A Colourful Start To 2015

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Well, 2015 is off to a colourful start in this neck of the woods.  Summer is in full swing, and now that the kiddies are back to school, life is falling into a nice little routine.  During a fantastic couple of weeks of family time up on the Northern NSW Coast, I had plenty of time to ponder and dream about what I wanted 2015 to be about, and one of the things that most struck me was that I wanted my life and work to be light and full of fun and colour.  Hence this little shoot that I did with my girls as a part of our ‘Annuals’ series, where I get them together once a year to capture this moment in time.  Inspired by the Indian Holi Festival, I made bags of brightly coloured corn-starch, and after a clean, pristine start, I let them at it.  They had an absolute ball, as you can tell, and finished the shoot just rolling on the ground laughing!

Another lighter and colourful change you may have noticed is my business name and new logo.  Gone is the ‘Who’s A’, and it’s now just ‘Clever Girl’.  Not a question any more, just a statement.  I hope you like it!

tanya cates - 30/01/2015 - 6:30 pm

I agree…clever girl says it all! Tan x

Bye Summer…

Ellenor Max 1

I’ve been holding onto Summer for at least the first month into Autumn, and as we bid adieu to daylight savings this weekend, I know I cannot hang on any longer.  The mornings have a chill, the leaves are starting to turn, and my ‘winter’ clothes are about to come out of the back of the closet.  So here’s a little reminder of Summer’s hey-day, just a few short months ago.  Max and his very cute little sister Ellenor hanging by the beach, eating a rainbow ice-cream cone.  Happy, sunny days!







Hanna & Paul – Rustic Romance

This wedding was photographed around 18 months ago and I’ve just realised I never got around to putting it on the blog.  Travesty!  So here it is, Hanna & Paul’s gorgeous rustic wedding at Jinks Creek Winery.  So beautiful, I loved the vintage, ‘thrown together’ vibe of this really lovely venue…


Coolest. Family. Ever

This is the Carman Family.  They’re the coolest, funnest family I know.  But as much as I love them I also adore the text that Sophie (Gorgeous Mumma Carman) sent me when she received the images.. “They are just beautiful!!!  Literally took my breath away!! Thank you so, so very much Lisa, you have captured not just images, but the very essence of our family and that is something unimaginably precious.  What can I say?  You are wonderful!  xxxxxx”.  Can’t get better than that hey?